User experience design is a very critical part of software systems that focuses on how the users use the system. How intuitive is the interface? How easy is it to use without looking through a manual? Does it render data in a way that the user can make sense of it? This and many other aspects are covered in this specialization.
Number of jobs listed on naukri.com for UI/Ux Design: 2173
Global average salary of a fullstack python developer: $55000/ INR 38 lakhs
VIDEO: Why Ux Design?
Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Duration: 4 weeks (Mon-Tue-Wed-Thur 7:00 to 8:30)
Cost: INR 7000
Outcome: Certificate (Include image)
Design Thinking is a methodology that enables practitioners to build a better product & provide a meaningfully better customer experience. Agile is a widely used approach that complements Design Thinking to complete the full development cycle. It enables faster time to market by focusing on collaboration over process. In this exercise driven course, we bring agility and design thinking together to create a more efficient and creative way of transforming work.
Cloud-based platforms are not the future anymore - they're the present. All software pros are expected to work on the cloud and you'll need to know your way around that space. Beginning from understanding the fundamentals of cloud and its nuances to writing code for cloud-native apps – this hands-on workshop prepares you for everything. You will learn why it makes sense to use a microservices architecture for cloud apps and practice implementation using real-world scenarios and deploy your app on the Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services.
Cloud-based apps roll out new features faster than you can blink. That means there is a need for a killer DevOps strategy. This course takes real world examples and shows you how to apply problem solving skills at a real world pace. Through use of case studies and hands-on exercises, participants understand the entire cycle and learn essential tools. You will learn to how to build an end-to-end pipeline using Jenkins.