Level: Beginner / Intermediate
Duration: 3 weeks (Mon-Wed-Thur 7:00 to 8:30)
Cost: INR 3000
User experience design is a very critical part of software systems that focuses on how the users use the system. How intuitive is the interface? How easy is it to use without looking through a manual? Does it render data in a way that the user can make sense of it? This and many other aspects are covered in this master class.
What is User Experience Design
Motivation for UXD
Understanding the vocabulary of UXD
Understand the difference between usability, information architecture, interaction design, visual
design and UI design
Design is art and a science
Challenges in UXD
Design Principles
Accessibility, technology considerations, etc.
Interaction Design Principles
User Oriented Objectives
Methods: Goal-Driven Design, Metaphors and Affordances, IxD Dimensions
Introduction to IxD Tools
Project/Case study