MARCH 21, 2019
In a short 3 years, the global app development market is expected to hit $100 billion.
This statistic is not surprising when you consider that the market has been growing steadily from 2016 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of ˜14% till 2022.
Even less surprising when you take the average number of apps a person uses daily. From the time one gets up – exercise, fitness, grocery, cabs, entertainment, productivity, learning, games- a staggering number of apps run our daily apps. And this is just the consumer side of it.
Enterprise mobile apps are a whole different, burgeoning market by itself. With the number of corporations scrambling to adopt mobile apps to cater to their customers and employees' needs, this is a growing market indeed.
And the mobile app development market in Asia Pacific region is expected to grow with the highest CAGR subsequent to a strong growth of smartphones in countries like India and China. Refer to this report from Market Research Future.
All this leads us to the actual development of mobile apps. This has been and continues to be an attractive career option for an increasing number of students. Mobile app development, be it iOS or Android, is one of the hottest skills that companies in India are hiring for. And employers are willing to pay extremely competitive salaries for these in-demand skills.
Subsequently, courses in mobile app development, mobile app design, UX and app testing have been growing all over the country. Be it freshers looking to start a career in app development or software developers looking to switch to app development, the opportunities are plenty.
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